Influencer FAQ

How do I qualIfy as an influencer? 

We accept and respond to all applications we get for joining our community.  We accept applications based on quality of media and engagement with each applicant’s followers. We don’t just choose those with the largest following, but find those who fit best with the brands we work with and those that have done the best job in building a community.

What do I do after applying? 

After reviewing your application and accepting you into our program, we will reach out to you with details about a potential campaign partnership when it becomes available.

How will I be compensated?  

Every campaign we run with our network is unique to each brand. This means that compensation varies by campaign budget and focus. Brands are likely to offer 3 types of compensation depending on your following and their need:

  1. Free product or services
  2. Monetary compensation
  3. Increased exposure to your personal brand

What do campaigns look like?  

All campaigns have an underlying mission and hashtag associated with their photo campaign. Ambassadors promote the campaign or hashtag in any way they can authentically connect with their audience. We don’t want you spamming your audience, but rather become a partner in promoting authentic content around the brands message and hashtag.