Fabolous Drops “Goyard Bag” Video With Lil Uzi Vert

Fabolous and Lil Uzi Vert have to sort out a classic case of switcheroo in their video for “Goyard Bag,” as one designer duffle gets swapped out for another. Fab plays a boss posted up in a motel room waiting to make a deal, but when the other side comes though what they think is a bag full of cash actually contains women’s clothes.

Directed by Gerard Victor and Spike Jordan, the visual ends with Fab and Uzi in some remote location burning a whip to the ground. “Goyard Bag” samples Outkast’s “Liberation” and was first featured on Fab’s Summertime Shootout 2 mixtape back in September. He repurposed it as a single earlier this month.

In January, Fab dropped a mixtape with Trey Songz titled Trappy New Years and is preparing another joint project with Jadakiss titled Freddy Vs. Jason. The two punchline experts dropped a trailer for that project in January, as well releasing “Rapture” feat Tory Lanez.

Fab recently assured fans that the collab project with the LOX member is really happening, but has yet to give a concrete release date. “Freddy Vs. Jason is on the way,” he said in a interview with Bay Area radio station Power 106 KMEL in December. “We were tryna put it out next month in January, but we gonna drop something to go into it.”

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WithloveXavier returns with his awesome EP ‘R&B & Chill

The New York R&B artist  With Love Xa returns with a very fresh new EP Mixtape, shining the 90’s R&B and Chilled vibes throughout his latest project. His amazing EP consists of 5 90’s classics remixed by WithLove Xavier’s point of view! We’re very sure that you’re going to love it! Can you can feel the classic nostalgic dope vibes from this EP? cause we sure can. The feel good project will take you through memory lane as Withlove Xavier provide a great quality project for us all. Listen to the EP below :

This amazing remix project features Xavier’s renditions of the classic R&B records such Nice and slow by Usher, One in a million by Aaliyah and Not a player originally by Big Pun ft Joe. If you wanna have a great night out ladies and skip straight to happy hour with your man, this is the EP for you.

With over 2 million soundcloud streams so far Xavier proves that he’s the artist with the voice, style and charisma and we can certainly hear through his work. Its dope to see Xavier making BIG moves in the music game especially with the release of his music video previous single official which you can watch below:

Here’s Every Nicki Minaj Associate Remy Ma Name-Checked on Diss Track “ShETHER”

Saturday was canceled after Remy Ma unleashed a new diss track against Nicki Minaj called “ShETHER,” a play off of Nas’ iconic 2001 diss called “Ether” against Jay Z utilizing the same menacing Ron Browz-produced beat.

The nearly seven-minute-long track finds the Bronx rapper exposing the Queens MC in a hard-hitting barrage of claims that cite Minaj’s family (specifically her brother), label deals and, uh, butt while also gunning for the title “queen of rap.”


Listen Now:


Like Rem assured in a recent Breakfast Club interview (“If you look at the history of Remy Ma, whenever I’ve had a problem with any female in the entire game, I will say your name”), she not only called out Onika by her rap name, she also cited several hip-hop associates connected to Minaj.

Here’s a guide to the name-dropping, plus any reactions to the savagery.


Collaborator as heard on on “Touchin, Lovin” and “Bottoms Up”

“ShETHER” lines: “And I saw Meek at All-Star, he told me your ass dropped/He couldn’t f— you for three months because your ass dropped,” “Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants” and perhaps any mention of “man”

Songz’ response: The singer took to Twitter to make a general assessment of the shout out: “Even when you stay out of the way they will have ya name all in some shit. Wake up to new comedy everyday. Focus.” After a few tweets, he then @’d Nicki Minaj: “You need to be mad at Remy Nicki … cause if you check my Instagram feed I already denied it on video so words didn’t get misconstrued. I didn’t post anything indirect. I gathered a understanding of events and then spoke my piece. You just mad. I still love you.” He threw in another “I love you” before promoting his site.


Radio and ​TV personality, former programming director

“ShETHER” line: “Coke head, you cheated on your man with Ebro”

Ebro’s response: A status update on his whereabouts.


Rapper, collaborator and Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend

“ShETHER” line: “Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants”

Meek’s response: Promotion for a day party he’s hosting in D.C. with Fabolous.


Nicki Minaj’s mentor, Young Money boss

“ShETHER” lines: “N—-s done seen Drake penning, Wayne penning/And since your first boyfriend left, bitch ain’t winning” and “You said you never f—ed Wayne, how stupid I look, B?”


Singer and actress best known for her role on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, who beefed with Nicki Minaj following her interview with The New York Times over the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards’ Video of the Year category; also sparked the meme phrase “Miley, what’s good?”

“ShETHER” line: “How you gone go at Miley? That’s Hannah Montana she always happy”


Collaborator on “Up Out My Face (Remix)” who feuded with Nicki Minaj during their tenure as American Idol judges

“ShETHER” line: “You only fronted on Mariah ’cause Mariah don’t carry”


Singer, who had a Twitter spat with Nicki Minaj regarding the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards nominations

“ShETHER” line: “Tried to disrespect Taylor ’cause Taylor wasn’t Swift enough”


Frequent collaborator, Young Money labelmate, rapper, actor

“ShETHER” line: “Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants,” “Yeah, you must think you Drake and I’m Twitter fingers,” “You claimed you never f—ed Drake, now that’s where you took me” and “Now all of a sudden you back with Drake and Tunechi?”


Frequent collaborator who recently reunited with Nicki Minaj on his track “Make Love,” on whuch she also fired shots believed to be at Remy: “Oh you the qu-e-e-the queen of this here?/One platinum plaque, album flopped, b—-, where?”

“ShETHER” line: “After he said you sucked his d—, you back with Gucci?”


Collaborator on “Hello Good Morning (Remix),” which featured Nicki Minaj taking shots at Puff’s close associate Lil’ Kim. Kim and Puff recently reunited for the Bad Boy Reunion tour


Nicki Minaj’s former manager Debra Antney, also Waka Flocka Flame’s mother

“ShETHER” line: “After he said you sucked his d—, you back with Gucci?/Who next, Puff, Deb or Fendi? You a A-list groupie”


​Nicki Minaj’s former manager, who has been credited for finding her on MySpace and placing her on The Come Up DVDs which solidified her signing to Lil Wayne’s Young Money

“ShETHER” line: “After he said you sucked his d—, you back with Gucci?/Who next, Puff, Deb or Fendi? You a A-list groupie”


Nicki Minaj’s ex, rapper, Love & Hip Hop star

“ShETHER” line: “Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants” and “You a Internet troll, a Web browser, I’m sorry/You can’t get her online with out Safaree”

Safaree’s response: The rapper took to Instagram to post a picture of himself with the caption: “Been flying all day but Be fly all days…**sidenote** im turning my phone off allllll day today ——– #stuntgang — @prvncek”


Nicki Minaj’s brother, who was accused of touching children inappropriately and whose semen was reportedly found on a 12-year-old’s pants

“ShETHER” line: “We call that Jelani, get it? Semen in your pants” and “And I got a few words for the moms of the young Barbz/Guess who supports a child molester? Nicki Minaj/You paid for your brother’s wedding? That’s hella foul/How you spending money to support a pedophile?/He a walking dead man, sending threats to him/I guess that’s why they call you Barbie, you was next to Ken/Talkin’ ‘bout your money long and your foreign sick/Why you ain’t help your bro hide his cum from forensics”

Exclusive Video of the Swizz Beatz vs Just Blaze”Battle Of The Beats”

Earlier this week, super-producers Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze announced via Instagram that they would be having a beat battle on Friday night. They would go back and forth, track-for-track.

Last night they  hit the studio impromptu late in NYC and go head-to-head in a “Battle Of The Beats” from our live stream. Special guest appearance from Busta Rhymes.

Check the video below


Diddy Becomes Hip Hop’s First Billionaire

In the race to the top, Sean “Diddy” Combs has solidified his spot as Hip Hop’s first billionaire.


For years it’s been a race between Diddy and Jay Z, with 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Birdman waiting closely in the wings. Back in December, LinkedIn wrote an article, projecting Diddy’s billionaire status to come in 2017. Well, according to Diddy, he may have just hit the mark.


In what appears to be a promo for Aquahydrate, Diddy announces that he has become a billionaire. This would make him the first billionaire in hip hop. “I started out as a young boy from Harlem, that couldn’t even be a waiter. They didn’t want me to be a waiter. So you know what I did? I became a billionaire!”


The video is pretty motivational, as you watch Diddy eating salmon in his office, walk into an even bigger office, and seemingly live the boss life we all aspire to live. His success hasn’t come without hard work and smart business moves, though.


Diddy is the man behind AquaHydrate, Ciroc, DeLeon Tequila, he still has Sean John in department stores of course there’s Revolt Tv, and the Bad Boy Reunion tour was one of the most talked about tours of 2016. Diddy also pumps money back into the community. In 2016 he opened up a charter school in East Harlem, he also donates to the Children’s Hope Foundation, amFAR, Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, the Jackie Robinson Foundation and more.


Has Diddy really crossed the threshold and raked in a billion dollars already? It’s quite possible. I’ll be awaiting Forbes’ take very soon. In the meantime, check out Puff’s announcement.